What Our Customers are Saying

“As a high school teacher, I am constantly exposed to airborne viruses and germs on a daily basis. I was first introduced to Phantom at the beginning of the school year and was instructed to proactively take 2 capsules whenever I was exposed to sickness or at the onset of cold or allergy symptoms. I have experienced no side effects and have found Phantom to be an amazing product that I will use for years to come.”

Nicole, Kentucky

“I take more than 160 flights a year and used to catch many colds and a few flu’s every year. A year and half ago I started to take Phantom 14 whenever I felt any symptoms and to my amazement have been able to enjoy 18 months without any infections. Now most everyone in the company uses it and the results are truly amazing.”

Peter, Uppsala, Sweden

“Using Phantom to stop a cold coming on, I’ve had good results. If I do get a cold, it seems to be less severe and of shorter duration than I would expect.”

Carol, California

“Friends have told me about how good, or rather fantastic, Phantom is and I took 3 capsules when I developed the flu and it made no impact at all! I called my friend that was the most outspoken proponent for the Phantom and let her know that I just spent 35 Euro on some worthless herbs. “Just take 3 more dissolved in warm water and repeat before you go to sleep” she replied. It will work she insisted. I took the dissolved capsules (the content) and an hour later again before going to sleep. To my surprise I woke up feeling quite good and took 3 more capsules. That was it! No flu and people around me was quite ill. Since this event I always carry Phantom in my bag and I have become a proponent as well!”

Mette, Helsinki, Finland